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Webinar: Horticulture Lighting

169,00 €

December 10, 2020   10.00 am - 12.00 pm

Vertical farming is a rapidly expanding horticulture activity. Lots press releases show huge investments in vertical farms, in Asia, in the U.S./Canada, in the Middle-East and smaller investments in vertical farms all over Europe. The principles of vertical farming are relatively easy to understand, success in vertical farming therfore less depends on ‘green fingers‘. Understanding the market needs in quantity and quality and making the product for an acceptable cost price is more of a challenge. The main content in the course is an overview of the developments worldwide, some plant physiology for the understanding of the principles of vertical farming and insight in capex and opex of vertical farming. In this webinar a lot of practical examples will be shown and most of the content is based on experience of the trainer.


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