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Online course: Basics of Lighting Technology / Module 1: Principles of Light


You discover in the »Module 1: Principles of Light« the numerous properties of light and the special qualities of daylight. You learn about all the important basic terms used in lighting technology needed to analyse and plan lighting installations.

The online course »Basics of Lighting Technology« consists of two additional, individually bookable modules:

Module 2: Lamps and Luminaires >
We explain the principles of light generation and you gain an insight into the technical requirements for lighting installations. We provide an overview of the main types of luminaires and criteria for evaluating the quality of light.

Module 3: Lighting Design >
Explanation of the most important lighting strategies and regulations for the layout and dimensioning of luminaires. A summary of the essential features of good lighting assists you in the selection of suitable luminaires for attractive lighting design.

After successful completion of all three modules you will receive a certificate.

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