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Become a certified DIALux Trainer

1 500,00 €


DIALux Trainer Network

Thank you for choosing to be part of our certified DIALux Trainer Network!

By registering, you will enjoy all the benefits of the worldwide DIALux Trainer Network and be part of the community.


  • Profit financially from sharing your DIALux knowledge with other users
  • Be informed first through update webinars about new features and developments in DIALux evo
  • Use of the DIAL learning platform with training material for the DIALux evo Beginner and Advanced Course
  • Download your personalised trainer certificate from the learning platform
  • Use of the DIALux trademark and DIALux marketing package
  • Create personalised certificates for the participants in your DIALux trainings
  • Receive 50% discount on DIALux online courses


  • 1.500€ for the first setup 
  • plus 1.000€ annual fee for the membership in the certified DIALux Trainer Network and yearly certification


Upon successful registration we will send you an invoice and a contract.

After receipt of payment and the signed contract, you will be granted access to our learning platform.

There you have access to our online courses "DIALux evo for Beginners" and "DIALux evo for Advanced Learners", as well as to the certification test.

To ensure the quality of our trainers you have to pass a multiple choice test and create a DIALux evo project.

After passing both parts, you will be listed as a certified DIALux trainer on our website and you will receive the trainer certificate and access to the learning materials.

Learning Materials

  • Materials for the Beginner course
  • Materials for the Advanced course
  • DIAL marketing package
  • Update webinars for DIALux evo functions from our trainers
  • Updates for course materials 

As a certified DIALux Trainer, you will receive a new certification every year.

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